Program Overview

At the heart of Synergy Youth Treatment’s healing process is a program of steps and phases. These steps and phases are directly related to the promotion of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral change. To support and encourage this type of healing transformation, Synergy has developed a program that encourages your son to form close interpersonal relationships with Synergy’s therapists and live-in staff.


Synergy’s program provides for an assessment of your son’s progress that is observable, achievable, and measurable. Daily feedback is documented by your son’s assigned therapist, the live-in couples, and other Synergy staff, with daily assessment and specific suggestions for improvement noted. The Synergy treatment team uses these observed and documented behaviors to determine appropriate weekly therapeutic interventions for your son. These interventions are then reinforced by the Synergy staff and conveyed to you in the family therapy sessions.


At Synergy, your son’s active participation in his healing process is essential. Your son will be empowered to set goals and benchmarks to help measure his progress. Your son is then given repeated opportunities to successfully achieve these goals.Your son’s progress is reinforced by daily interaction in staff led group meetings, held each afternoon and evening. Further reinforcement is achieved through individual contact with Synergy staff during activities and through individual one-on-one discussions. Comprehensive records are kept to document your son’s achievements (and failures) with a summary of his progress presented during a weekly treatment team meeting. In this weekly treatment team meeting, your son’s individual treatment plan is reviewed, discussed and agreed upon. Your son is present-and an active participant in this meeting.

Synergy House Pledge

An integral part of the step and phase program at Synergy is the House Pledge. Adherence to the House Pledge facilitates and empowers your son to show cognitive, emotional and behavioral changes in his life. Each statement in the House Pledge represents a step or phase in your son’s progress, and as your son progresses through the Synergy program, he will be required to demonstrate that he has internalized and mastered the skills inherent in each element of the House Pledge.

Synergy House Pledge

1. I will show integrity and self worth by belonging and being involved

2. I know powerful people persuade and fearful people force

3. I know that respect is not demanded, it is earned

4. I will measure my words

5. I know that education and truth bring freedom

6. I know that honor can not be faked or replaced

7. I know that there is no weakness found in being grateful or humble

8. I am owed nothing and will earn everything

9. I know that sacrifice is the greatest form of love

10. I look for the chance to prove it!