Home School Track

When your son first arrives at Synergy Youth Treatment, he will be enrolled in an accredited, online, homeschool program through Brigham Young University (BYU) independent study. BYU independent study is nationally recognized, and is used worldwide. The BYU program is able to offer a wide range of opportunities for your son, including accelerated study designed for progression into the collegiate level. The BYU independent study program allows your son to work at his own individualized, adjusted or accelerated pace. Most regular high school courses, including AP, language, and music classes, are available. This unique homeschool track allows your son to continue his academic progress, without outside distractions, while focusing on the therapeutic side of his program. The homeschool track incorporates the saying “the world is our teacher” into the daily curriculum, and your son will engage in hands-on experiential learning activities, career development, outings, and field trips–all designed to give a perspective of reality to the classroom learning process.

In most cases residents will come to Synergy to address academic failure. Your son may need to retake one or two classes, or he may be a semester or two behind. In either case Synergy can provide the one to one teaching method that allows him to move at a challenging, but comfortable pace. Public school settings provide students to obtain 4 to 6 credits per semester. With Synergy's home school track your son could easily achieve 9 credits per semester. Synergy has seen great success with our home school track! Boys who once struggled to even attend school are excelling within the home of Synergy.