Synergy was founded by Aaron Cothran, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and is privately owned and operated.

Why was Synergy started?

Mr. Cothran is passionate about his work.  He envisioned the potential of a great program for helping youth and their families, and spent several years developing and constructing the family-based program around which Synergy is built. He founded Synergy with the goal of offering a privately owned and operated facility that offered the highest quality of individualized care possible–a facility where decisions are made on a personal level in accordance with your son’s best interest.

Is Synergy Licensed and Accredited?

Synergy is licensed with the Utah Department of Human Services. Synergy offers accredited academic programs through Brigham Young University Independent Study and through Cache County School District located near Logan, Utah. Synergy also employs a secondary education teacher who works with your son in either the accredited home school program or the public school system. The Synergy teacher also provides individual tutoring as needed.


How will Synergy meet my son’s academic and educational needs?

Synergy utilizes a highly individualized educational approach. There are 2 academic tracks at Synergy:

  • Home School Track (Brigham Young University, Independent Study)
  • Public Track (Cache County Unified School District)

The Home School Track utilizes a fully accredited program through BYU Independent Study, and employs qualified academic staff to engage the young men in their daily academic routine. The home school schedule consists of study time, classroom instruction, career development, and hands-on learning activities and opportunities, both on and off grounds. This approach allows your son to learn at his own pace based on his desire and abilities. The Public School Track provides for your son to attend the local junior high or high school in Cache Valley, and with the opportunity to participate in sanctioned high school extra-curricular activities and sports. Advancement to the public school track will be based on individual progression in the Synergy program and parental approval. The Synergy academic staff monitor and supervise your son’s progress and involvement in the public school program.

What is the criterion for admission? 

Synergy accepts boys ages 12 to 17 that struggle with:

  • Parent/Child Relationship Issues
  • Oppositional Behaviors
  • Challenges with Rules/Authority
  • Aggression and Impulse Control
  • Attention and Hyperactivity
  • Challenges with Learning
  • Anxiety, Stress and Emotional Stability
  • Emotions associated with Divorce, Death, and Loss
  • Depression
  • Social Anxiety, Acceptance, and Peer Interactions
  • Struggles within the Family System/ Acceptance
  • Substance Abuse

How long will my son be in treatment?

Synergy’s program is uniquely designed around your son, their individual circumstances and your families' needs.  The average length of stay is 8-12 months.


Why Synergy?

Placing your son in treatment is one of the hardest decisions you will ever make. At Synergy, we want you to find the best possible fit for your son. Synergy is unique because it has been created with a home environment that promotes healing, love, and hope. The relationships formed with Synergy will create a positive, lasting change in both your family and your son’s life. Synergy’s intimate home-like setting, multiple academic tracks, live-in staff, high staff to resident ratio, and constant community interaction, provides a unique opportunity for your son and family to understand, learn and heal.

How much does it cost?

Because Synergy is privately owned and operated, we are able to provide services that are not only highly effective, but cost effective. Synergy strives to avoid hidden costs and additional fees. Synergy’s monthly charge covers room & board, therapy, academics, and activities. There is a one-time enrollment fee that covers the costs of initial evaluations and academic enrollment. A parent funded resident account or debit card is required upon admission. This resident account or card covers the costs of your son’s clothing and allowances. Monthly psychiatric consultations are included in the tuition cost. Additional costs include, but are not limited to: medications, medical consultations outside the scope of the Synergy treatment program, and any uncommon expenses. Please contact Synergy at (435)213-3123 for a schedule of costs.  Parents are encouraged to attend a Synergy Parent Weekend every 6-8 weeks.  A $250 voucher per parent is subtracted from the monthly full tuition bill for every Synergy Parent Weekend attended.  We want our families to be involved!

Where is Synergy located?

Synergy is located in beautiful Cache Valley, Utah and is surrounded by lush farmland and majestic mountains. The rural setting creates a safe, peaceful and calming environment. Synergy is located specifically in Cornish, Utah, near Logan, Utah.  Logan is the home of Utah State University and is one of Utah’s major cities. Salt Lake International Airport is located a little less than 2 hours away. Synergy’s address is 4473 W. 13400 N. Cornish, Utah 84308.

How often do I get to communicate with my son?

Synergy believes in increasing positive parent and child interactions, and provides and encourages communication opportunities between you and your son. Your son may communicate with you one to two times weekly during family therapy sessions. Your son is also allowed a weekly private family phone call. Synergy will offer further communication opportunities as appropriate to support your son’s healing process.  Synergy believes in open communication and promotes parent questions and comments.

What are Live-In Staff?

Live-in staff are trained, direct care staff living at the Synergy home, in separate quarters,  with your son. Live-in staff are comprised of married couples, with demonstrated strong family relationships. Live-in staff members are certified in CPR, First Aid, and hold Food Handling licenses. They further have received “Handle with Care” Training, and have specialized training in adolescent development and interactions. Synergy’s live-in staff work daily to help provide a home-like environment for your son, while at the same time participating in and supporting the therapeutic structure.  Live-in staff are young, energetic couples that keep the Synergy structure and like to have fun.

What activities can I expect my son to be involved in on a daily or weekly basis?

Synergy believes in helping young men function in life by participating in life. Following this ideal, your son will be able to participate in sports, routine exercise, water activities, hiking, camping, and many other special events! Synergy is equipped with a 1,600 square foot indoor gymnasium and a large outdoor sports field, allowing many of these pursuits to happen right on Synergy’s grounds. The area surrounding Synergy is dotted with mountains, canyons, lakes, and rivers appropriate for hiking, camping, water sports and other outdoor activities. Additionally, the education program will make extensive use of field trips to help your son learn about the world around him, and to allow him to explore his career development. Your son will also be expected to actively participate in daily Synergy family activities, from planning and cooking meals to house chores, to taking care of his personal needs. Appropriate time will be scheduled for moments of quiet reflection–and for just having fun!

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