In July, 2013 the boys had the opportunity to go to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho.  We camped for 3 days in a beautiful wooded area outside of the town of Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.  We played some good wiffle-ball, went on a nature hike, had some good food and explored the beautiful campground.  Around the campfire we realized that roasted marshmallows have been outdone by roasted Starburst candies.  We had time around the campfire to reflect and discuss.    

During the day we went into town to go swimming.  The actual hot springs water temperature is over 100 degrees, so we opted to go to the large indoor/outdoor water park instead, since it was 90 degrees outside!  We all had a lot of fun!  Thanks to our parents for letting us have such great adventures with your sons.  

We have had some questions about what Synergy looks like and what it looks like where we are located.  Above is a picture of our 10,000 square foot home and the view across the street.  Thanks for your interest in Synergy.  We love what we do!

For an activity, the boys were able to create amazing artwork on canvases.  We are displaying it all on the wall in the main room.

October 13, 2012 was our last Parent weekend.  We started the day with our parents at a local Hotel Conference room to discuss the 10 phases of the Synergy program.  We talked about what their son is or might be doing at each phase and for key behaviors and comments from their sons to look for and how to address them when they come up.  We have such amazing parents that volunteer personal insight, good questions and amazing comments.  Aaron Cothran, our CEO then explained to the parents what the day was going to look like!  He told them about our scavenger hunt race and asked the parents to come up with a good prize for the winning team.  It was agreed that $100 to use individually or combined to the boys of the winning team to use as they would like for an item(s) that would benefit all of the boys at Synergy would be the prize.   

The boys showed up at the conference room and the families were split into two teams.  Everyone got to decorate their own team t shirt and decide on a team name.  Our teams were the Ninja Turtles and Team Winners!  Then each team was given clue #1, "I sit at the place of the mouth of the damned" and they had to figure out where that clue led them and then complete a therapeutic (sometimes not:) task.  This first clue took them to the damn at the mouth of Logan canyon.  At this particular place the teams had to complete a tennis ball throwing routine perfectly in order to get their next clue.  The tasks included things like an obstacle course at a park, a trip to the store to spend $5 on an item the other team had to carry the rest of the day, (they chose a bag of kitty litter and 2 bags of ice) a visit to the gas station to down a huge drink as a team, a visit to the local pizza parlor for lunch, (eating without racing) and etc.  The last clue led them to a park where the winning team got points towards a winning score in a sand volleyball game.  There had to be a mom, a dad and at least 4 boys on each team.  It was the MOST INTENSE volleyball game most of us have ever witnessed!  It went back and forth several times!  Team Winners ended up winning but team Ninja Turtles were pretty impressive and were ahead most of the day!

We were able to process afterwards how important it is to have fun and play as a family.  "The Family that Plays Together, Stays Together."  It seemed that everyone had a good time during the activities and we can't wait until our next one!

Synergy loves these amazing families!  Thanks for the chance to love your boys.

Art at Synergy is an important part of life.  We have some very talented boys that create quite the art work here.  

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